ISO/IEC 22301 implementation

Business continuity management system (BCMS)

 ISO/IEC 22301

Business continuity – when you know what to do in case of a disaster and can keep your business afloat while staying calm.

ISO/IEC 22301  – the standard is a simple and logical framework that describes the requirements for an effective business continuity management system, applicable to organizations of any size and type.

The experts of the company Active Audit Agency will help implement the standard and, if necessary, be certified.

Benefits from implementation

Ability to adapt to difficult conditions

Competitive advantage

Trust of stakeholders and customers

Predictable crisis response

Minimizing damage and protecting people

Fulfillment of contractual obligations

Implementation Plan

Organization of a business continuity management system

  • Business continuity management Policy and Framework development
  • Determination of the organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities
  • Definition and regulation of business continuity risks manageent process
  • Definition and regulation of internal audit, management review, monitoring, measurement, analysis, evaluationnon, non-conformity and corrective action processes
  • Conducting a business continuity management training

Business impact analysis
на бизнес

  • Identification of business functions and analysis of business processes
  • Identification and documentation of all assets and resources
  • Determination of RTO, RPO and business criticality
  • Definition of RTO and RPO
  • Modeling of critical business processes

Assessing and treating business continuity risks

  • Identification of vulnerabilities and threats
  • Evaluation of the likelihood and impact of threats
  • Calculation and assessment of the risk value
  • Determination of risk treatment approaches
  • Development of a Risk Treatment Plan

Develop and test business continuity plans

  • Definition and implementation of a crisis management
  • Developing business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans
  • Creating test scenarios with clearly defined goals and objectives
  • Verification of all business continuity mechanisms with relevant stakeholders
  • Creating formalized post-exercise reports that contain test results, recommendations and measures for implementing improvements

Certification at the request of the customer

«Agency Active Audit Company»

implements the ISO/IEC 22301 standard and prepares the Customer for a certification audit


Recommended certification body

Professional Evaluation and Certification Board Ukraine (Ukraine,Canada)


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