IT audit


COBIT 5 offers a holistic methodology that is designed to solve the problem of governance and management of IT.

COBIT 5 based on more than 15 years of practical experience at many companies from various fields of business, IT, risk and security management, quality control.

COBIT 5 helps businesses to achieve optimal IT values, maintaining a balance between benefits and optimizing risks and resources.
The COBIT 5 methodology is universal and will be useful to organizations of any scale and area of activity: commercial, public, and government.

During the audit, all 37 governance and management processes of COBIT 5 are evaluated.

Basics of our work


IT audits conducted


Duration of the audit, days


Audit experience, years

Audit plan

Audit preparation and planning

  • Agree on scope and objectives of the audit
  • Agree of audit criteria
  • Analysis of business structure and related processes
  • Audit plan development

Collection of information

  • Analysis of basic processes
  • Determination of business requirements for an ISMS
    Gathering information about the ISMS controls

  • Analysis of current documentation that governs the processes
  • Определение требований бизнеса к СУИБ
  • Сбор информации о контролях СУИБ

Аудит на месте, анализ уровня защиты

  • Определение основных процессов
  • Анализ текущей документации, которая регулирует процессы
  • Определение требований бизнеса к СУИБ
  • Сбор информации о контролях СУИБ


  • Анализ результатов
  • Разработка доклада об аудите с рекомендациями
  • План внедрения системы управления ИБ
  • Презентация результатов аудита руководству

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