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You can contact our company for various services, both for training and certification of personnel, as well as for auditing various management systems with subsequent certification, and our specialists will always help you in resolving issues.

In addition to conducting audits of management systems, we provide audit services for compliance with the Resolution of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 95 dated September 28, 2017 in order to improve the requirements for information protection in information systems of banks and organize measures to ensure information security and cyber protection of banks.

95 Resolution of NBU_28092017

We also offer you to use our services for self-assessment of information security/cyber protection of the Bank in accordance with clause IV – Bank self-assessment requirements of information security/cyber security – NBU Resolution No. 4 dated January 16, 2021, which states that the bank is obliged to conduct an annual self-assessment of the information security/cyber security by drawing up an annual Report on the assessment of information security/cyber risks (hereinafter the Report), taking into account the results of periodic assessment:

1) assessing information security/cyber security risks;

2) assessing the effectiveness of information security and the ISMS;

3) external audit of information security;

4) internal audit of information security/cyber security (hereinafter referred to as internal audit).

Resolution_ 4 _16012021

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