ISMS audit (ISO/IEC 27001)


ISO/IEC 27001

The audit of the information security management system is carried out following the ISO 27001 standard.

The audit scope includes 114 standard controls in 14 areas.

Basics of our work


Compliance audits conducted


Duration of the audit, days


Audit experience, years

Audit plan

Audit preparation and planning

  • Agree on the scope and objectives of the audit
  • Agree on the audit criteria
  • Determination of business structure and related processes
  • Audit plan preparation

Collection of primary information

  • Defining basic business-processes
  • Analysis of current documentation that governs the processes
  • Determination of business requirements for an ISMS
  • Gathering information about the ISMS controls

On-site audit

  • Определение основных процессов
  • Анализ текущей документации, которая регулирует процессы
  • Определение требований бизнеса к СУИБ
  • Сбор информации о контролях СУИБ


  • Results analysis
  • Preparation of an audit report with recommendations
  • Preparation of ISMS implementation plan
  • Presentation of audit results to management

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